WIP Wednesday

Work In Progress….  That’s what Wednesdays are for.

It means I need to get moving, on the productivity front, because the week will be gone, before I know it, and another week of grand ideas will have slipped away with nothing to show for…

As you can see we are at the cottage, creative space tends to be the floor of the office/loft. When creative juices flow, you just have to go with it.  It’ll work….  And you just gotta love that teal carpet…  It came with the place, just so you know….  Carpet and crafting, not so hot.

How many of Robert Kaufman‘s 216 Konas can you count?  LOL, I look like an addict….


There are a lot of big ideas laid out there, now just to get moving on them…

First up for the season

quilted decorative bed pillows to go with a quilt we made last summer.  That’s Kona Cotton in Bone and a variety of Kona blues with a few prints from the never ending stash thrown in for texture.

Machine quilted lines at 1/2 inch apart.  That’s tight.  And full of character!

I’ve always wanted to do one of these freehand, tightly, quilted projects.   I am so glad I started small, because these two pillow tops took a LOT of thread, time and I definitely needed earplugs.  But, I am loving the look!

I also wanted to try one of these stacked book style quilts, but since there is no pattern, I needed to figure it out.  So I believe that was killing three birds with one stone!

Now only if I had remembered to pick up zippers, I might have them finished before next Winesday….

I mean Wednesday.  Ahhh…

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1 Response to WIP Wednesday

  1. Sue says:

    Lori, the pillows are fabulous! The blues are fantastic together and I just love the straight line quilting. (Now remind me why I own a longarm?!?) Very nice! Oh, and I didn’t notice the teal carpet until you mentioned it. Mwahahaha…


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