Anniversary #24

Life sure was different 24 years ago today.

Boy, how I was dreading telling Mr. and, particularly, Mrs. H, I needed off work early.

Because I was getting married……..

She was a hard nose.  Thank God I wised up and asked on a Thursday, her day off, besides I needed Saturday off work, too……..

It’s not that I couldn’t make my hours as I needed, or should have been able to anyway……

I was the alterationista, for a high end womans *dress* shop, as they called it, back in the day, the only, tailor, they had.  So highly sought after, that they hired me 6 months ahead of knowing their wild and crazy alterationist, who went by Linda, would be transferring out with her Air Force husband in months to come.  Not that *I* was highly sought after, but *anyone* who did high end alterations was.  Seriously.  (Thank you, Grandma, for all you taught me!  Lessons that have served me well……)

So, I got off work early, dolled up in my off white, silk, JTDress, thank goodness for even meager employee discounts and better yet, the *on account* option.

On account, I really couldn’t afford this dress, but Mr. H, WWII vet, lived in Little Rock, as a parent, for the segregations/integrations, loved to tell the stories of…., who was glued to the TV, with the *girls* who was an absolute, wrinkled up, laughing eyes doll, of a Thursdays, kind of guy…. We experienced the January 1986 Challenger Disaster with Mr. H, praying the little bell wouldn’t ring and take us away from all the happenings……. Thursday’s were fabulous days for us *girls*!  Did I mention Thursday was Mrs. H’s day off???  Bless his heart and hers too……….

Yup, all dolled up and waiting to go, watching the clock, ready to go, little more lip stick, yup, I’m ready.  No runs in my stockings, I’m good….  After a tad bit of stressing over where a certain guy was we did make it to our wedding, on time, barely…..

Thanks to the girls, at work, we had champagne glasses to enjoy a toast (Thank you Dorothy, still got ’em!), a garter belt for the typical pictures, (Karen, where are you??????), lots of fabulous photos all taken by the *other* half.  And a date, held in the Justice of the Peace’s living room, that cost a whopping, hard earned, $20.

As Kim likes the say, the cheapest date they’ve ever known….

Yup, Kim and Mike introduced us on a blind date and all is history, since then.  Gave them the perfect excuse to evolve from memories of our first double date to being a part of a double wedding.

After the ceremony we even came out to find our cars all decked out with shaving cream, ribbons and  beer cans.  Thanks, Spartan employees, LOL!  Neva, I believe, that was you???

Enjoyed a great dinner at the Holiday Inn dining room, can’t remember what name it went by then…..  Tommy Gilbert moseyed over and bought us a bottle of champagne to congratulate us with….  All four of us ventured back to my apartment…..  Called brother Ray and his wife Susan, in England, to tell them all about it, apparently not realizing the 6 hour time difference, or maybe that was the champagne…..  Can’t remember…..  Though *Ray* still remembers…….  And Susan I am sure….

It was all a ploy in trying to stay up late because Peter’s HS best friend, who he was best man for *his* wedding, and wife, along with 2 year old (first day of potty training, Antonio) and 6 week old newborn, Angelita, were racing down to be a part of the festivities and it *was* a 12 hour drive, LOL!  We were able to stay up and Peter was totally surprised that they *appeared*!  Peering in the window, seeing them looking in, must have felt like a dream to him, I can only imagine……..  Weird, LOL!

We are all still going strong.  If we weren’t, there would be hell to pay from one Taylor girl or another….  Just sayin’………

February 20, 1987

and our witnesses.

Renewal of vows at 20 years, on the beaches of Maui.  February 20, 2007.

With Kim and Mike, of course.

November 2010

Can’t speak for anyone but myself…….

Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat, please, sooner, next time.

And I’d still marry *this* one, no matter what the JP tried to do….

Though Mike is a pretty awesome guy………….

He has a pretty kick butt awesome wife.

Who I wouldn’t want my butt kicked by, ever.

Thanks for everything Kim and Mike…….

Not exactly sure how fate’s hand would have played out without my BFFs, matchmakers, to speed things along……

♥ you both, more than you know….

It goes without saying, for my man, Peter, or maybe it shouldn’t…….

I ♥♥♥♥♥ you first *and* I ♥♥♥♥♥ you most ; )

Now……. Where shall we celebrate #25???????

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8 Responses to Anniversary #24


    Now that was just beautiful Lori. Congratulations.


  2. Sah-weet post! I just celebrated 25 with my hubs in January 🙂

    Congrats and many more years of bliss to all four of you!


  3. Tara says:

    Ah, to be young and in love!!!

    Congratulations guys, here’s to the next 25!! =:D

    Xronia Polla!!!!
    (Greek longevity blessing! ;I ) ❤


  4. Penny Nelson says:

    Happy anniversary! Love your pictures, and frankly, you haven’t changed one bit.


  5. I love love love this post! Such an inspirational and whimsical post 🙂 And, I love that I was 6 months old and driving across country to be with you. AND I love that you still call Tony, Antonio ❤

    To many many more!



  6. Lisa says:

    I love, love, love the pic of you and Peter while renewing your vows. Wow…


  7. Popped over from the T-Tapp forums! Enjoying sampling your blog! Loved the pictures and story of your wedding! I’m an 80s bride too! Married my husband on May 14, 1983. Definitely had no idea we would go on to have ten children . . . or would have run the other way! LOL!


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