Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Spring 2013 ~ Handquilted

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leave a Trail quilt by Sewfrench

“Leave a Trail”
December 2012
100″ x 100″
Machine pieced
Hand quilted by myself
Hand quilted category

Welcome to another Bloggers’ Quilt Festival! I can’t believe it is that time again, already! I believe this is my 6th time to enter and it never gets old. I just love hopping around looking all the the beautiful eye candy. I love seeing what my friends have created and making new friends, too!

What I want to share this time around is a very special quilt that I gifted my brother this past Christmas. In the beginning, I think it was 2002, my 5 siblings and I began exchanging names and hand-made gifts. Every one gives different things, for me it is quilts. I think I have made two hand-quilted quilts for each of them and this is my most recent one.

I created this one for my younger brother who is a very outdoorsy kind of guy and having recently moved to “the hills”, I knew he was upgrading to a larger bed. Since his first quilt had been well used and loved, I knew this quilt had to be just as special, if not more so.

Leave a Trail by Sewfrench

I threw around a lot of ideas and finally settled on a trail marker design based on a picture of one Ashley created at Film in the Fridge. I created my pattern in a little different way including a twist in the layout. I’ll share my version, as a tutorial, and link it here, very soon.

I chose more vintage feeling fabrics from my oldest stash, for this one. I included many fabrics that once belonged to our grandmother, the grandmother who instilled her love of sewing in me. I treasure each and every scrap of Grandma’s fabrics and try to include a bit in every quilt, but this one has more than the usual!

Hand Quilting

I worked up a quilting pattern that took advantage of the triangular shapes and created a continuity of stitching. I stitched 1/4″ inside each triangle. I then stitched 1/4″ outside each extending down to become a quilting line 1 1/4″ outside the block beside it. These quilting lines connect and flow throughout the quilt only being broken by the “trail”.

Leave a Trail quilt by Sewfrench

The solids are primarily Kona cottons, in a variety of pale neutrals. Any and all tans, beiges, grays, greens, blues, peaches and yellows were fair game.

Leave a Trail quilt - Sewfrench

This quilt is a throwback to my earliest quilts when I used muslin as the backing. I’m not sure how I evolved away from it, but I really do prefer the look and feel of it especially when using fabrics with a more vintage vibe. I also think that hand stitching shows up best on muslin. It is a really nice fabric to needle. Using Quilter’s Dream cotton batting along with Roc-lon Permanent Press muslin, in natural, contributed to the smooth quilting.

Hand quilting

It finished out as a large queen at around 100 inches square. My fence is not quite high or wide enough between sections to show it all off, but you get the idea with only seeing about half of it!

Leave a Trail quilt

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Leave a Trail”
December 2012
100″ x 100″
Machine pieced
Hand quilted by myself
Hand quilted category

Come join in on the fun!

To see all the quilts click on the box below, then each corresponding category.

BQF Spring 2013

To nominate your most favorite click here. You just copy and paste to put the web address of the quilt you like best  into the box. After all nominations are in, from what I understand, voting with take place for all the different categories. So check back!

I’ve had several people email me, not understanding how to nominate a quilt for the Viewer’s Choice award for the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. You click here, then enter this

into the box, or the web address of the page of the quilt you are wanting to nominate. Add your email address at the bottom to verify, you have only nominated one quilter, that is all that is required for this round! I appreciate everyone who has deemed me worthy! Nominations end Friday.

All the quilts can be viewed from linking off here.

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68 Responses to Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Spring 2013 ~ Handquilted

  1. mtetar says:

    It’s beautifully made as well as colors. Not a surprise to see such great work because that’s what you do. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  2. Julie Fukuda says:

    I love that quote and the quilt is perfect to go with it. We have six kids and do the same, drawing names for birthdays and Christmas ..In my case , it will be something quilted too.

    • sewfrench says:

      Well, I think this just might be the end of these big quilts for siblings! They all got two and I have kids and grandkids to stitch for!! Maybe I can pick up some other ideas from you?

  3. citricsugar says:

    Ah, gorgeous! You always show such fresh modern quilts in the festival and this is a beauty… Love your use of neutrals!

  4. Teje says:

    Hi! You are my first stop at the quilt show and I can say already that this is my favourite! I’m totally in love! Beautiful colours, pattern, hand quilting and the name! x Teje

    • sewfrench says:

      Thanks, Teje! I feel so special being the first, hopefully I won’t be forgotten? LOL! I’ll be around later tonight to comment of yours, which I LOVE, but you know what a sucker I am for Kona!!

  5. What a beautiful quilt! Great choice of quotes to go with it too. No shortage of super ideas coming out of your sewing room! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • sewfrench says:

      Thanks, Elita! Once I added the trail, it seemed like an obvious quote, one of my favorites. Isn’t it fabulous checking out everyone else’s quilts?

  6. NickyM says:

    Lovely colours and a great pattern for a manly quilt, and the special touch of hand quilting makes it even better

    • sewfrench says:

      Thank you, Nicky. It does really have a manly look to it, doesn’t it? That is so hard for me to accomplish! I can do girl quilts without thinking about it, it might have to do with my stash…..

  7. Anna Ryan says:

    It is gorgeous! Love the colours and it will mean so much to him. Fabulous!

  8. Dropped by from CIGAWW – that’s a fab quilt and I love the change in direction, it makes the whole design so much more interesting. I’m a big fan of the muslin back – it places so much more emphasis on the quilting design and let’s the quilt top speak for itself. Really lovely :)

  9. Julie says:

    I love the pattern for this one and your quilting looks great too!

  10. It’s beautiful, Lori. I love looking at all your creatings and then wish I would have let my mom teach me to sew! :)

  11. Cari says:

    It’s stunning! I like how you chose prints that read as solids from a distance… really gives the quilt a lot of impact.

    • sewfrench says:

      Thank you, Cari! It really seems like most all the older fabrics do read solid, or maybe that was just what was available to me. I will miss them when they are gone….

  12. Sara says:

    Such an awesome pattern!!

  13. oh my! the hours and hours of work this quilt took are certainly worth it. it’s gorgeous!

    • sewfrench says:

      Surprised myself, when I went back and looked at the picture dates, it was done in about three months. I also gifted two other queen/king quilts in the fall, so yes, I was busy, but it wasn’t too bad!

  14. Heather P says:

    I love this quilt! the layout is fabulous and the colors are very fresh!

  15. Janine says:

    This is beautiful! I love those colours and your quilting looks wonderful :)

  16. Renee says:

    Wow it’s gorgeous! I really like the arrows going in a different direction, and the quilting compliments them so well!

  17. Your hand quilting is lovely! And I love the trail working its way through the quilt. I used to back my quilts in muslin too – I should move back to those days. I agree – hand stitching always looks lovely on muslin!

    • sewfrench says:

      Thank you, Sara! You really should try muslin again, the quality seems a lot better than what I used long ago. After so many years of using Kona or other quilting fabrics, to quilt with, I forgot how nice a fine woven muslin can be!

  18. knitnkwilt says:

    Your quilt is beautiful. I like the concept and the execution, especially the arrangement of the colors. Lucky brother.

  19. Sally Evans says:

    What a wonderful quilt. I can’t believe how big it is, you obviously have a lot of patience. Worth it though, it’s beautiful

  20. Beautiful! Love the movement in this quilt.

  21. Rose Marie says:

    Absolutely stunning! Love the quilt name.

  22. Pam says:

    Lovely quilting. Thanks for the tip on the muslin. My grandmother was a hand quilter and she often used muslin in her quilts. She was also very particular about which batting she would use. Her quilting was beautiful and shows very nicely and now I know why. When you quilt by hand the feel of the fabric and texture of the batting seem more important than with machine quilting. I have not hand quilted any quilts but now I think I may.

    • sewfrench says:

      Those old quilts really are the best. I don’t understand with the fabrics and the battings that they used how they could hold up like they did, but they are still around. You should give it a try, hand quilting can be very relaxing and rewarding.

  23. Britt says:

    This is my first visit to your blog (through TGIFF) and I love your quilt you are putting up for the Blogger Festival. The quote really adds depth to the whole aesthetic and feel of the quilt along with your great outdoor picture. Lovely!

    • sewfrench says:

      As soon as I decided to make a row going in the opposite direction I saw it as breaking a new trail, thus “Leave a Trail”. Thanks for visiting, come back soon?!!

  24. audrey says:

    Beautiful! This is a wonderful quilt.

  25. A beautiful mix of colours. The Bloggers Quilt Festival is great for finding new (to me) blogs- thankyou!

  26. quiltbenaco says:

    Bello, allegro e colorato!
    Ciao dall’Italia

  27. Aoife says:

    It’s really beautiful and I love the attached quote. You really thought about this one, it’s lovely!

  28. Lily says:

    This is subtle and gorgeous and perfect for a man. And I always love and am impressed by your hand quilting. I wish I had more time to do it!!!

  29. Pingback: Have I told you lately??? | Sewfrench

  30. hannapat says:

    Wow I am completely bowled over by this beautiful quilt. My mother is an exceptional quilter and I am just starting out on my first ever quilt. You have done such an amazing job with this I wish you all the best of luck.

    • sewfrench says:

      Awww. Thank you, Hanna! What a nice compliment.
      Be patient with yourself on your first quilt and know that everything looks better after it is washed!! Be prepared to be addicted!! Welcome to the wonderful world of quilters!

  31. Cathi says:

    Beautiful! I love using muslin for the back of quilts too but, for some reason, have gotten away from it recently. Your post reminded me and the next quilt will have a muslin backing!

  32. Pingback: It’s just what I always wanted!! | Sewfrench

  33. Pingback: Thousand Pyramids quilt | Sewfrench

  34. Ginny says:

    Gorgeous! Love the name and the Emerson quote is one of my faves! Your quilting is wonderful. Love your work! Good luck!

  35. This is different, I like the colors you chose and how you placed your triangles. A very lovely quilt.

  36. Very beautiful! I especially enjoyed seeing the quilt from the back. It’s hard to photograph the quilting on a light fabric, but you did a great job…on the stitching and the photography!

  37. Sonia says:

    Amazing quilt! I love the layout and the story behind it. Congratulations on such a beauty!

  38. Beth says:

    Beautiful! I like the muslin as a backing too!

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! This is such an amazing quilt. Your hand quilting is spectacularly tiny! I’m sure that this quilt will definitely be treasured now and become a family heirloom in the future. Beautifully done!

    xo -E

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